Google location History | your search history accessible from all your devices

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Google Location History your search history accessible from all your devices

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen you’re traveling, it’s not always easy to remember your previous Google location History.

To make Google location History more useful and inclusive, we’ve made some improvements to sync your experiences on your devices. Today, with the latest version of Google Maps for Android, you will be much faster and easier to access the places you have searched on your computer from your Android smartphone.

Just make sure you’re engaged into Google Maps,

And your web history is turned on to take benefit of some new features like search history and directions.

When you start typing the name of a place or route in your phone’s search bar, you’ll see suggestions for places and routes you’ve already searched for.

You can also view your Google Maps history via the “Search” and “Routes” tabs in My Places.

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Google location History

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Also, as in previous types of Google Maps for Android,

If you specify your places of residence and work, you can easily access routes to these places by typing “home” or “work “in the search field of your apparatus.

How Google Maps sends Marine Le Pen to the Constitutional Council

And, among other festivities, Nicolas Sarkozy leaves at the Elysee and Antoine de Caunes place at the headquarters of the National Front.

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Google location History

The site that spotted the anecdote, Roads, initially thought “a joke of bad taste that it would be desirable to rectify quickly”:

when looking for “Constitutional Council” on the mapping service of Google,

Google location History, are displayed, just below the little red bug locating the institution correctly at 2, rue de Montpensier in Paris, the expressions ” president of the republic ” and ” marine the pen”, as shown in the illustration below above.

Except that it would not be, or at least not directly, a bad joke or manipulation by some support of the president of the FN at ease on the Internet.

As Roads later specified in an update, these words “are the terms most associated with the search” Constitutional Council “on Google,” which the latter refers to as “terms that come up often.” And the webzine to add

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“This is not an editable place, but the result of the most frequently searched searches on the search engine.”

The American company has not yet responded to our request, but its online help explains a little the approach:

“Keywords are generated using an algorithm from public information, such as Google user reviews or website content.

In some cases, keywords are preceded by the words “Terms that come up often.”

Looking forward to a more detailed reply from Google,

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we found that such associations did not occur only in the case of the Constitutional Council. They are quite common, although not necessarily systematic.

Sometimes practical,

when they allow for example to clarify the functions of such or such entity placed on the map,

they can also be out of date: the search “Elysee” returns … to “Nicolas Sarkozy”, as well as “UMP ” (which will please Bruno Le Maire and Hervé Mariton),

while ” socialist party “highlights” Martine Aubry ” (too bad for Jean-Christophe Cambadélis).

In some cases, the association is more embarrassing. The research “National Front” thus displays a surprising result, even before the mention of Marine Le Pen: “Antoine de Canes.”


google location history

Google location History

The fault of a sketch of Caesars?

Again, we would be curious to get the lights of Google. In the meantime, we have reported this incongruity,

First to verify that there is indeed a reporting procedure on Google Maps, to finally see for ourselves if the American company quickly draws in this kind of story.

In the same style,

Lionel Jospin finds himself associated with the address of Associate Taxpayers, an organization that had sent a letter of complaints to the former Prime Minister in 2012, on the occasion of the appointment of the latter at the head of the Commission for Renovation and Deontology of Public Life.

Google location History

Searches on the search engine indicate a good referencing of the association and also mention the existence of a complaint filed by the latter against Lionel Jospin in the early 2000s.

This is not the first time that the intricacies of Google’s mechanisms have a direct impact on politics.

remember when the “Google bombing” (or Google bombing), this method of referencing to distort the results of a search by associating it with the term of his choice, paced the political time on the Internet.

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