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Why is not my Instagram linking to my Facebook?

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Why is not my Instagram linking to my Facebook?

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ll we want is an easy life. Instagram (now owned by Fb) through supportive features is trying to make our social life easier. Facebook Instagram – You can cross-post Instagram stories to Facebook now with a new feature. For a long time now, they had the same feature. Linking Facebook and Instagram and to Buy Facebook likes Cheap allows you to share posts from Instagram to FB. No need to upload separately.

Most of the time, your post does not show on your Facebook timeline even after seeing a notification that post was shared successfully when you press the share button. Is your Instagram to Facebook share option not working? Through this post, some of the following will help you fix this problem of non-posting       

1-Properly linking your Facebook account.

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Facebook Instagram How To Link

It is required to link Facebook and Instagram to share your post. Your Instagram post will not be shared to Facebook if both of your accounts are appropriately linked. Following steps will properly link:

Step 1: After opening Instagram tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner of the profile section in the app.

Step 2: After scrolling down tap linked account option. From the various social accounts select Fb and then grant it all the required permissions check if the Facebook Label turns to blue, this indicated that Instagram and Fb account is now linked. By default, Instagram and your Fb profile are linked. If you want to post your Instagram post on your Fb Page, you can select your page by selecting  in the above settings. If you have different pages, tap the edit profile. Under edit profile, tap the Facebook page and select your page.

2. Try logging out of both Apps.

Facebook Instagram

Just a simple key which is “logging out” will help fix your Facebook and Instagram linkage problem. We are attempting a universal reset by logging out because it is mandatory to link both Facebook and Instagram. After logging out of both the apps just log in again and just follow the steps that are mentioned in the Solution 1. Follow these steps to log out from Instagram:

Step 1: go to the Profile section in the Instagram app and then tap on the Three-Dot icon that is on the top-right corner.

Step 2: After scrolling down, tap the log out of your account option. In the same way, log out from the FB account by tapping the three-bar horizontal menu which is on the top right corner. After scrolling down, tap the Log Out. Afterward, log in to Facebook and then in Instagram. Follow the solution two in order to link these accounts as mentioned above.

3. Changing the Facebook Password

Facebook Instagram

Changi the Facebook password is another way you can attempt to fix this issue. You will be logged out from all the sessions. Due to a wrong session, this problem existed, if you do this cross-post will be possible again. Follow these steps to change your Facebook password:

Step 1: From the Facebook app tap the three-bar menu and after scrolling down, tap the security and login in the account settings option.

Step 2: Change your password by tapping on the Change password option.

After changing your password, you’ll be logged out from all the Facebook apps that are linked. Use your new password to log into your Facebook account and then link both the Facebook and Instagram as mentioned in the solution 1.

4.Try Unlinking Facebook

Facebook Instagram

Mostly, Instagram does not log you out form the Facebook account when you reset your FB password. Your Instagram posts will not be shared on to your Facebook because Instagram will behave as if you have the right password. Hence and cheat code, in order to fix this, you will have to link the two accounts back again after unlinking them both.

In order to unlink Fb from Instagram, open the profile section of Instagram, tap the three-dot icon on the top right corner. Afterward, tap on the linked accounts followed by the Facebook. Tap unlink which is under Facebook. After you’ve done this, give your phone a restart and relink both the accounts as mentioned above.

5.From Facebook Apps, Delete Instagram.

Facebook Instagram

Form the linked apps on Facebook you could try to remove Instagram. Though, if you do this, all of your prior posts of Instagram will be removed from Facebook. Here are the steps if you want to try this solution:

Step 1: On your PC, open Facebook and tap on the small down arrow in the top bar. From the menu choose Settings.

Step 2: from the sidebar on the left, select Instagram from the apps. Click remove account. In relevance to the other solutions, link your Facebook and Instagram account as mentioned in the solution 1 above.

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