As Facebook destroys privacy, Find Out how blockchain protects your identity

As Facebook destroys privacy, Find Out how blockchain protects your identity

Facebook and other major digital platforms being used by millions of users around the globe have become major festering grounds for online bandits and anonymous hackers. The constant news of the crucial personal information being hacked is hired these days on conventional and digital news media.

Facebook destroys privacy

Social media users have either shifted to more secure platforms or have learned to live with the reality of the digital world. If you need to enjoy digital resources offered by the internet than you have to make a compromise on your digital security as well.

Although, there have been legislations like GDPR available Blockchain is a much more secure solution for users who want to use digital resources without fearing about identity theft and online frauds.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain can be defined as a shared form of record keeping where a decentralized system only allows registered users to access a certain platform.

So unlike an open internet where anyone can sign up to any digital service, blockchain only allows selected users to access a platform like a social media website.

Blockchain & Social Media

Facebook destroys privacy

Blockchain technology was earlier used for only launching cryptocurrencies but now the tech enthusiasts have started realizing the true potential of this decentralized digital resource.

Several social media platforms are now being developed using blockchain technology creating an environment of secure communications and user-friendly content.

Another important aspect of blockchain that enables it to fight off anonymous hacking attacks is the track of activity that can never be deleted.

It means that every action of any end-user will be kept in perpetual posterity, tracking every move a user makes on a social media platform.

Of course, that information will only be kept with the tech management of the blockchain based social media and user activity history will also be secure from unwanted scrutiny.

Its main purpose will be to create a system of trust and a community of users who value their privacy.

KYC verification for Blockchain

Facebook destroys privacy

Blockchain technology is further made secure by utilization of KYC verification system that actually ensures that persons who are signing up for a blockchain based social media platform are not online trolls or are not using fake identities for registration.

Facial verification, address verification, and document verification is few ways that help blockchain based social media to check the vital aspects of a person’s identity.

Shufti Pro is one such identity verifications service that has earned the trust of blockchain-based applications. This AI-based KYC provider has partnered with several ICOs, creative art platform, gaming studios and even social media applications that have harvested the features of blockchain to provide user-friendly products to a worldwide audience

Shufti Pro offers Universal Language Support and Global country coverage to its users which comes handy for blockchain based platforms that want to go global for effective customer onboarding.

Proof of verification available in Shufti Pro back office provides a necessary check for partners of Shufti Pro to check verification statuses of their client traffic.

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