Bridal Lehenga | Buy Indian Designers Choli Lehenga Online

Wedding Lehengas | Buy Indian Wedding Lehenga Choli and Designs ...

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Bridal Lehenga | Buy Indian Designers Choli Lehenga Online

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]ridal Lehenga is a royal dress of history as queens, princess and other majestic ladies from to the king’s family used to wear it on occasional and daily basis and now ladies belonging to India and Pakistan carry it on numerous ceremonies and big events, especially weddings.

If we look at the Bridal Lehenga traditional shape of Lehenga dress,

then it is a long skirt like outfit that is carried along with a short shirt which is called Choli and a dupatta. As, since ages as everything has transformed, so Lehenga has changed its traditional patterns but good thing about this dress is,

Wedding Lehengas
Wedding Lehengas

it is still carried in its traditional form.
Wedding Lehengas599/-

So, you see this dress code has flexibility to look trendy and traditional at the same time. Due to its transformations, Lehenga is now available in the following forms:

Traditional Lehenga Style:

Ghagra Choli: In Tis style, has big frill but its length till the ankles of the foot. It is carried with a short choli that lengths no longer than than a sweatshirt. This is mostly worn by Rajasthani women.

 Just In 528 Rs

Lehenga Kurti: In this style, length of the Bridal Lehenga is more and it reaches to your toes while it is carried with a knee length shirt called kurta.

  • ₹1,799.00

Lehngai with long shirt: Some Punjabi woman who carry dhottis according to their culture have transformed Lehenga style and they sometimes carry it with a long length shirt.

Wedding Lehengas

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Trendy Lehenga Style:

Now, in modern times, many girls experiment with their clothing and dresses hence, lehenga has changed its shapes too.

Fish Lehenga: Fish lehenga is the longer length lehenga that has cuts of fish tail, it is mostly worn by young girls along with a short kurti.


  • ₹891.00


Tail Lehega: To give it a royal look, back length of the lehenga is kept a bit longer than the front side and when a girl walks it touches the floor. Such Lehengas are carried with long shirts.

Sari Lehega: Here frill of the Bridal Lehenga is kept small and instead of shirts, blouse is used and dupatta is placed in such a way that feels like sari.   

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Traditional cum Trendy:

Now, there is another form of Choli

i.e. not just trendy but is traditional as well so you can get both tastes in one treat.

Open Shirt Lehenga:

in this Bridal Lehenga style, for a traditional look, Lehenga is kept long and embellished with gotta, stones,

jewels and embroideries. The choli is kept simple and it lengths like traditional choli. Along with this, a separate long gown is offered to carry above the Lehenga and choli.

In this way, this Bridal Lehenga not only looks traditional but gives a trendy look as well.

Along with style,

color combinations have transformed as well and now from simple red, you can use traditional Lehenga in various shades of green, blue, orange, white and many others.

There are lots of trendy Styles of Lehenga for online sale.

After taking advantage of the design you can customize your Lehenga design to make it look different than the rest.

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