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There are many skin problems that cause irritation to the skin and also look bad on the face. Blackheads and whiteheads are some of the skin irritants which make the skin look and feel unhygienic. If they are not taken care of in time, they start showing visibly on the skin and can also cause pain to the person suffering from them. What exactly are blackheads and whiteheads and how to prevent these skin problems from appearing on the skin of the face?


Blackheads are a type of acne that appears on the face. They are small bumps which are caused on the skin because of clogged hair follicles. These are generally dark in color and so are called blackheads. Mostly blackheads appear on the face but are known to appear on the back as well.


Similar to blackheads, whiteheads are also a form of acne. The dead skin cell, bacteria, and oil that appear on the skin get trapped in the skin’s pores and cause whiteheads to appear. These whiteheads appear to be like white pimples or mark on the skin and need to be prevented to have perfectly clear skin.



Why do Blackheads & Whiteheads Appear

Whiteheads and Blackheads are common problems that are caused when skin comes in contact with various types of elements that clog the pores of the skin and cause this type of acne. Oily skin is much more prone to blackheads and whiteheads as compared to dry skin. Also, bacteria and dirt on the skin is another reason why a person may suffer from these problems when they enter the pores of the skin and clog the skin and cause an infection. Hormonal changes, oily skin, hot and humid weather, perspiration, reaction to fabrics or products, and bacteria or unhygienic skin are all reasons why blackheads and whiteheads appear on the skin. When they appear on the skin, usually people try out the best blackhead remover kits on the market to help them with this problem. But there are a few ways in which one can prevent these types of acne from appearing on the face.

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How to Prevent Blackheads & Whiteheads


  • Oily skin is one of the main reasons for these problems. Cleansing the skin and washing the face at least twice a day with an antibacterial face wash will help keep the skin clear and prevent these problems.
  • If there are hormonal issues that are causing these types of breakout, visiting a dermatologist is a good choice. Dermatologists can guide patients in getting the right treatment to help avoid blackheads and whiteheads that are caused by hormonal problems.
  • There will be no need for the best blackhead remover kits, if one can avoid blackheads in the first place. Keeping the environment clean and leading a clean life also helps avoid blackheads. This means changing pillowcases every week, and keeping the house dust free. Also, avoiding areas where there is a lot of dust and debris in the air will be a good option to keep the skin clean and healthy.
  • Blackheads and whiteheads are problems that keep appearing again and again for people with skin that is prone to such issues. That is why such people need to maintain a clean and oil free skin at all times to prevent these problems from occurring again and again.
  • To prevent acne, many times people tend to use out of the box ideas. For example, a face massage opens the pores of the skin and unblocks the oil, dirt, and bacteria from the skin. Simply using the best massage chair and getting a nice face massage is a great way to unblock pores of the skin and washing away the elements that cause whiteheads and blackheads to appear.

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Prevention is always better than cure. This is especially true with skin problems like blackheads and whiteheads. The above-mentioned ways will help reduce or eliminate the pesky blackheads and whiteheads that look bad on the skin and cause pain and irritation to the skin. Having a clean and healthy skin without such problems is something that every person wants. With the right skin regimen and adherence to daily skin care routine, preventing blackheads and whiteheads is not that difficult to achieve

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