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100 Beliefs I house in my mind

100 Beliefs I house in my mind


Recently I was asked to take up the challenge of writing out 100 of my beliefs. Not only do I feel this will be an interesting blog post but a powerful exercise to boot.


Our beliefs about life, others and ourselves is the sole determent of who we’re as individuals.


Unfortunately for ALL of us, a lot of our beliefs are never really questioned and because of this, we may be holding onto values that don’t serve or benefit our evolving consciousness.


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By contemplating, analyzing and probing into our belief systems we can gain a clearer understanding of what does.


Doesn’t make us tick. I haven’t even started yet but already I know this exercise will shine a light on areas of my life I may have been unconsciously aware of.


Even more importantly…how much of a role one, two or ten of my beliefs really have in my life and to what degree or extent they affect the decisions I make each and every day.


Anyway, enough of the waffle, here are 100 beliefs I house in my mind…    

1… I believe we’re spiritual beings having a human experience.

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

2… I believe the universe is on my side.    

3… I believe dark nights are followed by brighter days.    

4… I believe the grass is as green on both sides.    

5… I believe we’re all one living organism.    

6… I believe meditation matters.    

7… I believe people are more interested in other people’s lives than their own.    

8… I believe breathing properly is a practice we never consciously think about.   

9… I believe spirituality is just as important as science.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

10… I believe religion divides people.  

11… I believe ignorance is grossly misunderstood.  

12… I believe you can’t put a price tag on the most important things.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

13… I believe television contributes to a poor self image.  

14… I believe life only changes when you change your perceptions.  

15… I believe complaining about non trivial matters is an insidious thing.  

16… I believe I’m more powerful than I could ever imagine.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

17… I believe working on myself is far more rewarding than working on My job.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

18… I believe if I’m not making mistakes then I’m not moving forward.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

19… I believe Superman would beat Batman in a fight.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

20… I believe happiness is a choice.  

21… I believe in forgiveness.  

22… I believe in taking full responsibility for everything in my life.  

23… I believe there’s always a good seed in every bad situation.

24… I believe thoughts are truly powerful forces.  

25… I believe we’re only limited by our inability to try new things.  

26… I believe your assumptions about me are distorted because of your own beliefs about life.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

27… I believe life begins at whatever age you decide to change.  

28… I believe we’re all perfect no matter what most think.  

29… I believe we all need guidance on our journey.  

30… I believe positivity is contagious.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

31… I believe negative thinking can kill a person.  

32… I believe in praising and not criticizing.  

33… I believe reality is created in the mind. 

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

34… I believe there is no truth…only perceptions.  

35… I believe being grateful for what we’ve is a must.  

36… I believe it’s not my job to change people but to help inspire change.  

37… I believe we’ve many strengths we take for granted.  

38… I believe obstacles are a fundamental part of life.  

39… I believe everybody is born beautiful, unique and full of love.  

40… I believe connecting with like-minded people is very important.  

41… I believe we pick up on other peoples thoughts that resonate with our own.  

42… I believe in questioning before accepting.  

43… I believe we all lie to ourselves from time to time.  

44… I believe we’re born into a conformist society.  

45… I believe all great wisdom begins when we realise we don’t know as much as we think we do.  

46… I believe my inner world creates my outer world.  

47… I believe vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness.  

48… I believe everything we need in life is right under our noses.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

49… I believe most of what people think they know is only a surface level of understanding.  

50… I believe contemplating how we’re connected to everything else should be a daily practice.  

51… I believe you learn more from a book the second time around.  

52… I believe life is wonderful when we decide to see it that way.  

53… I believe the universe is contained in my mind.  

54… I believe death can be a new beginning.  

55… I believe your health is your wealth.  

56… I believe in the power of communication.  

57… I believe we choose instant gratification over long-term pleasure.  

58… I believe true beauty has nothing to do with our physical appearance.  

59… I believe your mind can either limit you or excel you.  

60… I believe silence isn’t appreciated in today’s noisy world.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

61… I believe people will remember you for how you made them feel rather than the material things you provided.  

62… I believe in giving more than is expected of you without looking for anything in return.  

63… I believe Arnold Schwarzenegger never would’ve been a successful actor if he’d not believed in himself completely.  

64… I believe my opinion of you is really about me.  

65… I believe I waste too much time on non-important stuff.  

66… I believe materialism can give the illusion of happiness.  

67… I believe time is far more valuable than money.  

68… I believe luck is created and not inherited.  

69… I believe the education system is completely flawed.  

70… I believe rising earlier in the morning leads to a more productive day.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

71… I believe in laughing at silly things.  

72… I believe smooth talkers can be dangerous manipulators.  

73… I believe fortune tellers and psychics are charlatans.  

74… I believe education begins after school.  

75… I believe in not taking things too personally.  

76… I believe in love although I’m sometimes afraid to express it.

77… I believe dreams can come true.  

78… I believe in writing things down.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

79… I believe honesty is always the best policy no matter what.  

80… I believe in sharing knowledge and information with others.  

81… I believe in myself.  

82… I believe we can all live below our means.

83… I believe maturity is misunderstood.  

84… I believe anyone who thinks it’s weak for a man to cry is insecure.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

85… I believe life is too damn short for having regrets.  

86… I believe I’m not my name, country, race or religion.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

87… I believe women are stronger than men.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

88… I believe we can go through our whole lives asleep.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

89… I believe in practising mindfulness.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

90… I believe in having an open mind to new ideas and concepts.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

91… I believe it’s useless trying to please everybody.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

92… I believe in simple pleasures.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

93… I believe in the magic of thinking big.

94… I believe the biggest investment you can make is in “yourself.”  

95… I believe dependence on others is a huge gamble we take.  

Beliefs : An Incredibly Easy Method

96… I believe in the power of goal setting.  

97… I believe in nurturing a positive mental attitude.  

98… I believe we’ll keep repeating past mistakes until the lesson is learned.  

99… I believe beauty is encompassed in all of nature.

100.. I believe heaven on earth is created in awareness.

I know these are my beliefs but I hope they got you thinking about your own.

Feel free to leave a comment below, thank you for watching and have a great day.

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